The Terms of Service Agreement covers all areas of OldSchoolThug.com for Registered Members.
Upon registration at OldSchoolThug.com you are agreeing in whole to the terms and conditions of use set out here.
If you do not agree to the TOS at any time during please inform an appointed staff member for immediate account termination
We reserve the right to alter or modify the Terms Of Service at any time without any prior notice

OldSchoolThug.com provides access to a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) game environment.
We accept no liability for discontinuation of this service due to any circumstances beyond regular control measures
This service is provided completely free of any charge and/or any subscriptions and OldSchoolThug.com has no responsibility or is in any way beholden to any registered users.

User Account and game conduct

Once registered you will be given a game account, username and password.
It is your responsibility in full to control any and all actions performed using this account.
All game accounts and subsequent in game items or commodities remain the property of OldSchoolThug.com at all times.

The sale of in-game items or commodities for profitable gain outside the virtual environment is expressly forbidden and will result in instant expulsion from OldSchoolThug.com.
OldSchoolThug.com reserve the right to ban any account without reason.

If you leave the game for any reason all virtual currency remains within your account and it is non transferable to other accounts

All players based loans of virtual goods/currency or items are the sole responsibility of the players involved.
OldSchoolThug.com will not be held accountable for, nor involved with, the return of any loans agreed between registered users.
The boring bits.....

The following actions will result in an instant site wide ban:
      - Any discussions of or advertising of other games in ANY game area
      - Any bugs or glitches exploited for personal gain
      - Unwanted approaches of a sexual nature directed to any members
      - Any use of Refreshers/Macros or game enhancing scripts
      - Posting pornographic/disturbing material beyond the bounds of basic decency
      - Personal abuse, hate speech or any threats in all areas is forbidden
      - Account sharing or piloting.
      - Feeder accounts : using one account to provide items or game cash to another
      - Cross server trading is not allowed - you want it here ?...EARN it here..
      - Multiple accounts : One account per IP only
      - Account piloting : Is expressly forbidden...your account is yours to use only
      - Multiple accounts cont :If permission has been given for more than one         account on same ip
        Nothing can be transfered between accounts or any account interaction
       ( markets , 50'50's etc).
Privacy and liability

OldSchoolThug.com shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to, damages for loss profits/revenues, consequential or incidental damages arising out from or related to OldSchoolThug.com or the information contained within.
By registering with OldSchoolThug.com you are granting permission for all in game correspondence to be viewed if required. No in game staff have access to any Mails, Gang mails or personal information contained within your account.
Only site admin would be able to access any of listed areas if needed during investigation of any issues or problems related to your personal account.
No game staff will ever request your password, login information or anything personal to your account for any reason whatsoever

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